Pregnancy Massage

What is a pregnancy (prenatal) massage?
Pregnancy massage is a safe and natural way to support your emotional and physical wellbeing throughout all trimesters, complimenting the medical care that you will receive from your chosen health practitioners. Like may people you may be under the misconception that pregnancy massage is purely about relaxation; a gentle ‘pampering’ massage and a snippet of ‘me’ time before baby comes along. This is, of course, hugely important and certainly might be your primary focus for coming to see me. However, as a specialist in pregnancy massage, when appropriate, I am able to combine ‘advanced clinical massage techniques’ for the treatment of specific pregnancy related concerns/problems with these deeply relaxing and de-stressing massage strokes and as well as providing some useful supplementary aftercare advice, creating a bespoke pregnancy massage tailored to your emotional and physical needs on the day. No two pregnancies will ever be the same. Therefore, a pregnancy massage should reflect this.

Some adaptations to a ‘traditional’ massage will be necessary for safety and comfort reasons. Pregnancy massage can be conducted in seated, side-lying or semi-reclined positions with as many pillows/bolsters as you need to feel comfortable and supported in the right places as well as large drapes to ensure your privacy. There will be no rush…I will encourage you to take your time to find the position most suitable for you and to allow yourself a little time before re-dressing.

How will I (and my baby) benefit from a pregnancy massage?
Pregnancy brings with it a variety of side effects, some less pleasant than others. All pregnant women can expect to experience at least a little stiffness and muscular tension during their pregnancy as their uterus expands to accommodate their growing baby. Fortunately massage therapy is a simple and effective way to not only treat some of the side effects of pregnancy but also leave you feeling great. Massage can often relieve many of the common side effects of pregnancy, whether you suffer from backaches, headaches, edema or other pregnancy related problems such as SPD/PGP and sciatica.

Not only does a woman experience physical changes, she also experiences mental changes as well. Studies show that pregnant women who receive regular prenatal massages are more at ease - furthermore relaxing the fetus inside their womb. When you receive a relaxing prenatal massage, the body naturally secretes endorphins. These "feel good" hormones traverse the placenta and ultimately soothe and relax your baby.

First Trimester (weeks 1-12) Is it safe?
You may be wondering whether it is advisable to have a massage during the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. There is no evidence to show that bodywork is harmful to you or the baby. During the first trimester a woman experiences huge hormonal changes. It is a time of physical and emotional adaption. There are many benefits to exploring this type of treatment to support the multitude of changes that you are undergoing, particularly in relation to reducing stress levels.

Your massage will be based on a full and thorough medical consultation and discussion about your needs. As with any massage treatment if any contra-indications are highlighted then we will seek written medical consent before any treatment would take place.

Second Trimester (weeks 13-26)
The second trimester is generally, although not always, an easier time. Your energy is usually more stable and you may feel less tired. At this time you may enjoy a slightly deeper massage that can focus on the areas that are taking increasing amounts of strain.

Third Trimester (weeks 27-40)
The third trimester is often the most physically demanding phase of pregnancy. Your baby’s weight is increasing and you may find that your posture is less balanced and that your energy levels vary. You may be focusing increasingly on the birth and motherhood.

Physical Benefits

  • Restores joint movement and mobility and improves posture
  • Relieves muscular tensions, fatigue and aches and pains
  • Relieves headaches, eye strain, tinnitus, and sinus problems
  • Promote healthy hair growth
  • Improves the quality and condition of the skin and hair
  • Brightens eyes
  • Encourages healing
  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates immunity
  • Reduces excess tissue fluid
  • Encourages the body to rest and relax

Psychological Benefits

  • Allows for deep levels of relaxation (good for mum and baby)
  • Reduces stress, fear and anxiety
  • Promotes overall wellbeing
  • Encourages/supports bonding with your baby
  • Provides emotional support
  • Offers you the space to talk about your feelings at a time when you may not have told others (first trimester)
  • Allows you the time and space to focus on yourself and your baby
  • Encourages a more restful sleep and eases pregnancy related insomnia
  • Enhances energy
  • Increases awareness of posture

Postnatel Massage

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